ACRL Streaming App

Design and html implementation

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For ACRL, Assetto Corsa Racing League, I redesigned their broadcast app together with Adam Poole. Adam was responsible for the programming of the app, I did the design for it. During the development we kept adding new stuff, depending on what the racing series needed. It got ACRL a very distinguished look and people still often ask about it. It even got the attention from the developers of Assetto Corsa Competizione, who are looking to take some inspiration from it for their next racing simulation game.

For the broadcasts itself I created some live-timings and results screens. The live-timing could be watched live during the race and the results would show up in the broadcast on YouTube.

Below are some of the animations. Click next to go to the next animation/result screen. Every time you do, it starts from the beginning of the animation. Once the animation is done, it will stay blank.

This TV overlay / streaming app is not available outside of ACRL.

Design of the in-game app by Bas Bouma.

Programming and implementation of the in-game app by Adam Poole.

Programming and implementation of the result screens by Adam Poole (Python, Javascript) and Bas Bouma (html, css, animations).

Guy who I asked for help from time to time but couldn’t give any answers: Teemu Pölkki.