The Pale Blue Dot, the only home we’ve ever known

I love science. I love the real mysteries. The fact that everything that science has revealed is way weirder, way bigger, then anyone could have ever imagined. No one can even imagine it now, I think.

I have learned a lot by doing this project. I have learned that it’s impossible to foresee everything, but that we will probably get better at it, when we do it more often.

Organizing the whole concert, from beginning to end, it incredibly hard. It really is. And I’m not sure if I’m the right person to do it. All I can think right now is that I haven’t had the time to compose, the last couple of months. And that’s what I want.

It was absolutely magical, hearing my piece being performed by some awesome musicians, who are also very nice people. And know that we have totally done it ourselves. And the visuals. They worked. Perfectly.


– Learning to write for real musicians. It takes a lifetime.

– Discussing religion (or the lack of) is totally pointless.

– We were told it’s a really ambitious project. And we agreed. But we had no idea..