The Parting Glass

Music for short film

Ireland, 1892. A recently widowed mother forms a sinister relationship with the body of her husband, leaving it to her son John to do all he can to part the living and the dead. Here’s an excerpt from the film. Below you’ll find the complete soundtrack as audio.

Written and Directed by Alexander McNeill. Starring Muireann Ryan as Catherine, Anthony Moriarty as John and Nigel Mercier as Frank

Violas are played by Manja Kruidhof-Okkerse, celli by Gerda Marijs.

Winner of Best Cinematography at London Short Film Festival 2017 (featured in the Gothic! strand)
Smalls International Film Festival
Richard Harris Film Festival
Dingle International Film Festival
Fast Net Film Festival
Vancouver Bad Ass Film Festival
Gold Coast Film Festival Australia