The Art of the
Contrabass Flute

Album production

With its unique sonorities and superb recording quality this release has great attraction for anyone looking for something enduring and beyond the norm.Dominy Clements

The recording quality is very impressive.FLUIT

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Produced by Ned McGowan & Bas Bouma

Benson Town’ recorded by Pramath Kiran at Laya Digi, Bangalore, India
Earthly Chants’ and ‘Wurgelguik’ recorded by Bas Bouma & Arjan de Wit at Room Service Music, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Winter’s Breath’ recorded by Micha de Kanter at Splendor Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Mastered by Matthijs Ruijter at BK Audio, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Cover photos by Michel Marang, artwork by Susanna Borsch & Bas Bouma

All contrabass flute parts performed by Ned McGowan. Mridangam on ‘Benson Town’ performed by B.C. Manjunath. Piano on ‘Winter’s Breath’ performed by Keiko Shichijo.
All works composed by Ned McGowan, except ‘Winter’s Breath’ by Adrienne Albert. Scores are available at, and and Benson Town, co-composed by Ned McGowan and B.C. Manjunath.