In The Not Too Distant Future

for synthesizer

From the gracious In The Not Too Distant Future to Cyberweight Redemption Waltz, Canvas Blanco holds your attention and places your ears on stalks.OOR

The latest album ‘Exilio‘ from Canvas Blanco tells a story. A story about Sam Towyer, who lives somewhere in the not too distant future, in a fictional autocracy. I composed In The Not Too Distant Future for the introduction of this story. Text was written by Jozua Koffeman from Canvas Blanco. I limited myself to only using 1 synthesizer. In this case a digital but accurate version of the classic Roland JP-8000. I tried to tell the story using a variety of compositional techniques as well as ‘colouring’ with the sound of the synthesizer.

The full track will be available on the new Canvas Blanco album ‘Exilio‘, somewhere in 2019.

Artwork by Jedi Noordegraaf.