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Tussentijd (Meantime) has been selected for the competition in the Go Short festival in Nijmegen! The music for the project has been quite a tough process. But the film is pretty special. Everything happens in real time. A young man (21 years old) has found a car crashed into a tree, on an empty road. He’s doesn’t know what to do. He calls the emergency phone number. But does he dare to take a look and find out what has happened? What if they’re dead? What if they’re alive?

Here are two stills:

Tussentijd (5)

Tussentijd (8)

… From one car crash to the other: Beren op de Weg (Bears on the Road) has been selected for the competition of the Holland Animation Film Festival!




In an upcoming edition of the VPRO TV guide, you’ll find a guide to the Holland Animation Film Festival with some more info as well.

One may wonder, after all that vehicle violence, what is he up to now?


With Room Service Music we’ve started working on a studio album from Book of Eli. You might remember that music video we did a while back. Although Book of Eli is often categorized under singer-songwriter, I don’t think it has much to do with it. This music has much more to offer than what I usually associate with the singer-songwriter genre. Go check them out, it’s a very special experience! On top of the choirs, 2 guitars and double bass, I will be arranging for strings and brass and quite possibly any interesting or peculiar instrument we can find. Did I mention piano? Mandolin? Ukelele? We’ll see. More about this and another project later..