Frostbite at Cannes Film Festival 2014!

From 13 to 25 May 2014 is the Film Festival in Cannes ‘Festival de Cannes‘. Frostbitt has been selected to play in the Short Film Corner! Together with the writer/director/actor of the film, Toni Nordli, I will be attending the festival.  

LocoMotief wins 3 awards

For the third time I worked on the 48 Hour Film Project in Utrecht, this year. There’s a lot of music in the film, even though everything is made within 48 hours. (more…)

Othello theatre piece on the Vrede van Utrecht

In 2013, Utrecht was celebrating 300 years of peace, by organizing a big festival with many cultural events throughout the city: Vrede van Utrecht. At the ‘Fortenfeest’, Othello, by Simon Haazen. I composed music for solo trombone, performed by André Kouwenhoven. Here are a few photo’s of the show. (more…)

Sturdy Wine

A while ago, I wrote some instrumentation for Sturdy Wine, a song by Book of Eli (now Bear Valour). It’s a great track, so I was really happy to be involved. Today, we recorded the song in the Metaal Kathedraal (Metal Cathedral..), a great location. (more…)