Hi, my name is Bas Bouma.

I am a composer and arranger. I write music for ensembles, feature films, short films, documentaries, animation films, commercials and art installations. To get the most out of my music, the human element is an important part of it. Music has to live, breathe.

My main influences are pop music (one major influence is the work of Radiohead as well as the solo work of Jonny Greenwood), contemporary classical music (from Pärt to Ligeti, from Ravel to Schnittke), classical and film music.

I studied at the Utrecht School of Arts, where I graduated with a Master of Music, European Media Master and a Bachelor of Music with Honours in composition.

With Arjan de Wit, I own Room Service Music.

Music is about chemistry: experiment, expertise and intuition. I combine stuff to create music that moves.