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Love Life


Love Life is a film by Yim Brakel. 
Sound design and sound mix by Ravian de Vries.

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The music of The Parting Glass



The music was written for Alexander McNeill‘s short film The Parting Glass, after the traditional Irish folk song. The film is a psychological horror/thriller about a family in rural 1890’s Ireland. Here’s an excerpt from the film. Below you’ll find the complete soundtrack as audio.

Violas are played by Manja Kruidhof-Okkerse, celli by Gerda Marijs.



Tussentijd is directed by Christian van Duuren, who also did camera. With Milan Boele van Hensbroek & Anneke Blok.

Performed by Jason Alder (clarinet & bass clarinet), Anna Sophie Torn (violin), Adriaan Breunis (viola) and Remco Woutersen (cello)

Selected for NFF, Dutch Film Festival 2015
Nominated for Tuschinski Award
Winner of the NL Film Fonds Wildcard!
2015, Go Short International Short Film Festival, Nijmegen

20 – 24 October 2015 Tangier International Film Festival, Tangier, Morocco

4 t/m 8 November 2015  Nordische Filmtage, Lubeck, Germany


Canvas Blanco – City of Catharines


In July I wrote about the recording of a live music video for Canvas Blanco. Now it’s here!

I did the arranging for the song, in particular for the woodwinds, synthesizer/Ondes Martenot and strings, in a collaboration with Arjan de Wit.

City of Catharines” performed by Canvas Blanco
Lyrics by Jozua Koffeman
Music by Arjan de Wit and Jozua Koffeman
Produced by Room Service Music
In collaboration with Moeders Mooiste & Lilian Sijbesma

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Frostbitt / Frostbite


This is an incredible short film, made by Toni Nordli (Norway), who plays in it as well. It has also been selected for Festival de Cannes 2014! It will be shown in the Short Film Corner of the film festival.


The violin (all 5 of them!) is played by Erika Bordon. Here’s the complete soundtrack including some bonus material. Think ice, cold and lonely.

Book Of Eli – Sturdy Wine


Together with Arjan de Wit, I wrote the arrangement for the strings, brass and drums of this very cool song: Sturdy Wine. The video is a live performance, recorded on a very cold day at the Metaalkathedraal. Be sure to watch it in HD.

Written and performed by Book of Eli. Produced by Room Service Music. In collaboration with Moeders Mooiste & Lilian Sijbesma.

Beren op de Weg


Here’s the complete soundtrack of ‘Beren op de Weg‘, by Nadia Meezen. Hopefully I can show an excerpt of it soon. Meanwhile, here’s a still, and below the soundtrack.


Guitar by Arjan de Wit, clarinet by Jason AlderViolin by Erika Bordon, viola by Anna Sophie Torn and cello by Remco Woutersen.

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This Particular Universe


The piece was written for the multi media concert ‘The Pale Blue Dot‘, which premiered on 2 February 2013.

This Particular Universe describes what science tells us about the biggest and the smallest there is. The creation of the universe: the big bang. The first stars, and the earth. Until the universe realised itself, in the form of the Pale Blue Dot. It’s incredible to realise that hydrogen atoms, given enough time, can ever form life and even the human brain, just by the laws of physics.

We are all stardust. That doesn’t just sound poetic, it’s also literally true.


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Het Verdriet van West-Friesland


The Sorrow of West-Friesland (IKON)

Listen to an excerpt of the music from the documentary film:

Directed by Leen van den Berg.

The documentary is about a closed community in the north-west of The Netherlands, after a relatively large amount of suicides of among young people. It shows how some of the youth tries to deal with loneliness, among other things. They often move in large groups, which results in excessive drinking on beer parties and the yearly funfair. Some of them tell about how they managed to cope with hard moments in their life. A father, mother and two sisters also show how they cope with the loss of a son/brother.

It has played very well at a variety of venue’s in West-Friesland. It was shown on Nederland 2, in 2012. Watch the full documentary here, at NPO.

Black & White Music


Written for flute, clarinet and piano. The piece is constraint to notes from the octatonic scale. This gives a limited amount of colouring, hence the name ‘Black and White Music’.

Played by the Sizzle Ensemble.

Alleen De Buitenkant


Short film written and directed by Yim Brakel.

Ambitious businessan Richard has a very important meeting. When a ragged old red van flashes by, he is forced to leave his businesspartner behind and runs after it. He catches up with the van and it becomes clear that the person driving it isn’t a stranger to him.

With Evert van der Meulen, Arthur Boni, Khadija Massaoudi.

Stupid Monkey


The short animation film ‘Stupid Monkey’, by Marlyn Spaaij. Sound-design by Elena Martín Hidalgo. Violin is played by Manja Okkerse.

A hungry ring-tail lemur is after delicious fruits. Unfortunately for him he’s not the only forest critter with an appetite.

Santeon commercial


I made the music for this commercial for Santeon. It is directed by Kim Brand. Cinematography by Christian van Duuren.

The violin is played by Anna Sophie Torn.

Welcome to the Calco MasterClass


Calco from Room Service Music on Vimeo.

Promo film for the Calco MasterClass.
Directed by Yim Brakel. Produced by Moeders Mooiste.



It is easy to predict a slow moving pendulum with two arms, where the longer arm influences the shorter one. But as the pendulum goes faster, the movement of the shortest arm gets so complex, it becomes unpredicable. The notes for the players are thought up by me, the electronics are by Stan Verberkt.

Played by Judith Noordzij (violin), Dirk Feller (viola), Glòria Coll Domingo (cello) and Stan Verberkt (electronics).

St. Antonius


Music for commercial for St. Antonius.

Directed by Kim Brand & Christian van Duuren.

Boost Your Mood!


Promo video to Boost Your Mood.

The Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction is setting up a website to educate people on how to boost their mood. This video is a creative illustration of people being stuck with their problems. The music focusses on the colourful intention of the film and builds from a somewhat sad situation to a colourful solution. This is done by a variety of string and mallet instruments.



Trailer for the short film Sterk by Yim Brakel.

The minimalistic music composed by Bas Bouma and Arjan de Wit underscores the development of the main character, Metin and the relationship with Cahit, his little brother.

De Schilder


Trailer of the short film ‘De Schilder’. David is a painter with a special gift, that’s been in his family for years. He provides people on their deathbed with a nice ending to their lives.

The cello is played by Gerda Marijs.